Our Mission

“We Bring Creative Talent & Resources Together”

What Do We Do?

IndustryMesh (IM) provides an interactive  platform for creative talent to network and collaborate in the music, film and fashion communities on a global scale.


Are you looking for talent? Are looking to have your talent discovered? IM facilitates that process both online and off.

Every person with talent who works with other creative talents, in any capacity, will be able to find each other in our online community, and through our events.


Looking for places to perform? Free lance work? or Company to work for?

IM maintains partnerships with companies looking to hire creative talent across diverse platforms who are willing to pay for your services.


When you join IM you’ll be able to create your profile, pload your work and participate in an active community of like-minded people in the music, film and fashion industries.

Engage for Success!


Collaborations create the basis for innovation, and the foundation for success!

IM is your place to meet with others who can help  take your talents and projects to the next level.